The CIWIB purchased materials from Internship Quest: Real World Learning. You are welcome to borrow a copy of the following guides, learning plans, and handbooks.

Guide to Program Development and Management

This all-inclusive manual provides the Internship Coordinator specific guidelines for developing a quality internship program. It includes templates and practical information so that schools can build and sustain a 21st century internship program.


Internship Learning Plans

Over 120 job-specific and field-tested learning plans aligned with robust national and state curriculum standards. Each site-specific learning plan has goals and measurable activities for students with a focus on developing 21st century skills. With these time-saving plans students are “ready to go” on day one of their internship and teachers are able to guide the student’s learning.


Seminar Support Manual

This manual outlines 15 specific seminars focused on building the skills necessary for success in today’s workplace and post-secondary education. Four structured mentoring sessions support the students’ acquisition of new skills. Provides guidelines for teachers to help ensure that students have opportunities to practice new skills and reflect on their learning.


Sponsor Handbook

An individual handbook gives each sponsor guidelines to enable him or her to participate fully in a student’s learning. The handbook gives specific examples to help sponsors deal with behavior, set high performance standards, and realistically evaluate the student’s performance.


Student Handbook

An individual handbook gives each student a structure to manage and evaluate his or her learning throughout the internship placement. Includes a section on Orientation to Internships and instructions for the ten Uniform Goals included in each Internship Learning Plan.


Evaluating Internships

This booklet gives guidelines for performance-based assessments including portfolios, student presentations, exhibits and individual assessments. Examples of rubrics for each type of assessment are included.